WRO World Robot Olympiad

What is WRO?

World Robot Olympiad is a global robotics competition that is hosted in over 85 countries. The competition caters to all age groups with a variety of competitions and expositions to showcase their skill

Age GroupCompetitions
10 & UnderWeDo 2.0Regular Only
12 & UnderElementryRegular & Sumo
13-15JuniorRegular & Sumo
16-19SeniorRegular & Sumo

What competitions do they offer?


The Regular Category is a challenge based competition. Students must design, construct and program their robots to solve specific challenges in a field. Points are scored for completed tasks. Tasks involve using the robot to grab and move objects from one place to another and use sensors such as color sensors to detect what object they are grabbing.


Teams create an autonomous Lego Robot that competes against another robot in a sumo battle. Robots use a combination of sensors and motors to try to push the enemy robot off the table, out of the arena.

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