USEF Robo Tourney

Infinite Expansion 4-6

In this tournament, students aged 4-6 team up in groups of up to 3 kids. The goal of each match is to create a stable “tree” with branches that reach out over a target area using a given amount of Lego Duplo blocks. The kids are scored by the distance each branch reaches to. They have an opportunity to complete 3 matches and their best score stays.

Recycle Bot 7-8

Teams create a remote controlled Lego WeDo 2.0 robot. The students must move color coded figures to certain areas on the play field, using their WeDo robot. Teams are scored after 3 minutes of play time. 

Recycle Bot Field

Sumo Melee 9-12

Teams create an autonomous Lego Robot that competes against another robot in a sumo battle. Robots use a combination of sensors and motors to try to push the enemy robot off the table, out of the arena. 

Soccer Bot 13-18

Teams build remote controlled robots that compete in a robot soccer match. Matches are played in a big 12x12ft arena with goals at either end. Robots can be built out of anything but will most likely be built with FTC and VEX parts.

Competition interest form!