USEF Robo Tourney

Top Speed Race

Students aged 4-6 will work in groups of up to 3 to construct a gravity powered cargo cart. The carts are used to transport 60 table tennis balls with the goal to lose as little as possible. A score is given based on the number of table tennis balls still contained, the distance the car was able to move from the launch slope, and the time taken to build and deploy the vehical.

Store Management

Teams of students aged 7-8 will construct remote controllable robots able to accomplish a range of tasks. These tasks are themed around store management, such as moving products to the correct location, cleaning messes, restoring power, and locking up. Scores are calculated by each task successfully completed in the allotted time.

EV3 Soccer Bots

Students aged 9+ will form teams of 2-3 and build, code, and operate two robots powered by the Lego EV3 system. The robots will be used to play soccer against an opponent team, one robot on each side being a goal keeper. Multiple teams will play in a tournament to determine the winner of the competition.