Robot Champion

Ages 9 & Up

Students who are in the Robot Champion class will be challenged by using advance robot coding using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3. Students will learn the basic foundation to use tools, wheels, gears, and motors to design and build their own robot and program the software. Each session will add new challenging and more advanced building and programming techniques, which will be used for FLL Robotics Tournament & WRO Robotics Tournament.

– Planning, research, troubleshooting robot challenges or tasks including movement, sensors, etc.
– Advanced robotics building and construction using programming and computer science.
– Develop math and physics skills using hands on robots experiments by hand-on building and designing robots.

Summary of Learning Activities

Basic Robotics 1 - Learning the Basics


Students learn all about the EV3 system and its capabilities

Students are introduced to Motors, Sensors and Gears

Students learn LEGO pieces and how to make stable structures

Students learn workflow and organization

Basic Robotics 2 - Into the Hospital

Students explore builds revolving around a hospital theme

Student incorporate more sensors into their builds

Students begin to make more complex code using math and logic

Students practice using gears and cams

Intermediate Robotics 1 - Factories and Arcades

Students are introduced to FLL objectives and builds that are task based

Students learn more about gears, cams, and other structures

Students learn more advanced coding including math and gyroscopes

Students create arcade games and talk about game theory

Intermediate Robotics 2 - Competitions and Teamwork

Students learn advanced FLL techniques

Students take part in group projects that take multiple sessions

Students are introduced to great ball machines

Students learn about tracks and moving balls

Advanced Robotics 1 - Graphics and Music

Students learn about GUI (graphical user interface)

Students go in depth in math concepts such as logic and arrays

Students learn about music theory and making song

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