Sumo Bots

What is SumoBots?

In the SumoBots League, students make autonomous LEGO robots with the goal of pushing their opponents off a round SumoBots ring. Robots are equipped with sensors and innovative attachments that help your bot outsmart and out maneuver your opponent. Teams are 1-3 students and build 1 autonomous robot. Teams meet 1-2 times a week.


Robots will be checked before competition to see if they fit in a designated space and weight. Robots must fit in a 12x12x12in cube. Robots cannot exceed a weight of 3lbs. Robots can expand after the beginning of the match. All robots can be coded with any language but, currently, must use the EV3 system.

When is it run?

Lext Robo Academy are currently taking part in the Upland USEL SumoBots League. The league starts at the beginning of the year and tournaments happen every 2-3 months. The regional championships happen in June-July and the national championship is TBD. 

LeXT Robo Academy is also hosting a local SumoBots camp and will be hosting a tournament for campers and other local schools.

How can I sign up?

Sign ups for the regional tournaments are open now!