Junior Robot Builders

Ages 5-6 Years Old (1 Hour per Session)

Junior Builders is the perfect class for early exploration with engineering and robotics. Students will use the LEGO® DUPLO® building pieces to design basic real-world concepts. Students will also have an opportunity to have an understanding of science and engineering with every hands- on class project.


$150-4 sessions

$429-12 sessions ($20 savings)

$809-24 sessions ($90 savings)

$1,519-48 sessions ($280 savings)

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Summary of Learning Activities

Phase 1: Everyday Life: Animals and the Home

Students will learn about different types of animals and how they function in nature as well as understanding machinery that one could find in their own home and how they work.

Phase 2: Exploration and Transportation

Students will learn many different types of transportation vehicles of all kinds, like boats, helicopters, and trucks, the parts that make them, what they do and how they work. Kids will understand about the interlocking mechanism, rotation of tires, axles, and more.

Phase 3: County Fair: The Space Exhibit and Rides

Students explore and learn the mechanisms and physics behind the machines of space and amusement park rides. Students will understand stuff from how rockets travel into space to Ferris wheels work by creating builds of these machines and understanding how they work.

Machines of the City

Students will learn about all the complex machines that they can find throughout the city, such as car washes, bridges, revolving doors, and cranes. They’ll be exploring more mechanisms on how these machines operate and what they do.