Robotics is for boys! Will my daughter be the only girl in class?

Have no fear, we have quite a few girls in our classes and programs. Even some of our instructors are girls. All-girl robotics teams in competitions are not so rare as one might think.Girls are always welcome in our classes and competitions. Engineering and programming are wonderful fields because anyone can do it once they have the skills. We encourage boys and girls with an interest in robots, electronics, engineering, architecture and cool technology of any kind to enroll.


Do you offer winter or summer camps?

Yes. We offer summer camps and winter camps. However, our camps are limited to an eligible group of Great Minds Robotics students only. If you are interested in joining one of our camps, we require enrollment in our year-round Robotics, Enhanced Robotics or Programming classes.


Do you host birthday parties?

Yes! Celebrate your birthday with LEGOs! LexT is always happy to host a your Happy Birthday party. We offer different options on the set up, starting at $479 for a 2 hour party session! More perks come with our other birthday packages.


Can the kids take what they build home with them?

No, the legos need to stay at location so that other kids may enjoy and learn from them. But we encourage taking as many pictures as you want so you can remember and replicate the build at home.


How long are classes?

Most classes are an hour long. Full day camps can be up to six hours.


When are classes?

Class schedule page link


Does my child need prior building or programming  experience?

All they need is an interest in building and programming and the desire to learn!


What are the age groups for your classes?

Kids ages 3-6 work in the stem classes with the larger DUPLO legos. 7+ will work with the smaller classic legos and begin working with electronics and programming.


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