Advanced Robot Builders

Ages 7-8 Years Old (2 Hours per Session)

Students learn the beginner-programming language used for robotics basic foundations to use tools, wheels, gears, and motors to design and build their own robot and program the software.


$275-4 sessions 

$749-12 sessions ($75 savings)

$1419-24 sessions ($230 savings)

$2649-48 sessions ($650 savings)

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Summary of Learning Activities

Phase 1: Gears and Gear Interactions

Students will learn about builds that emphasize on gears and how they interact with other gears. They will learn about different types of gears, acceleration and deceleration, and the builds that utilize these parts, such as cars and aircraft.

Phase 2: Fun with Physics

Students will learn about the concepts of physics such as balance, force, and momentum by learning about tools like pulleys and prawls. They will also learn about structures that help with movement by creating builds like elevators and ships.

Phase 3: Mechanical Engineering, Cams, and Rubber Bands

Students will learn about how to engineer complex builds using more gears and rubber bands, and being able to understand engineering concepts, learning about cams, truss, motors, ways to move without using gears, and even some programming.

Phase 4: Bridges, Buildings, and Basic Machines

Students will some of the earliest inventions from history, such as the catapult and the siege ram as well as how to construct many different types of bridges and understanding how they work, and how they’re able to support weight.